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The 140 Character Conference comes to the Hudson Valley!

How Social Media is Changing Business, Community and Life

The 140Conf Hudson Valley conference will be exploring social media outside the big cities and permeating the everyday life of the rural cities of our area.

There is no doubt that so many of the various social media tools, such as Twitter, are here to stay. As large and small business, corporations and individuals, discover and harness the power of social media how does this change the way we live? Does social media change the way we do business? How does social media affect the way we connect with others? Do these tools expand our ideals of community?  How do we make social media and our lives better?

The Hudson Valley; Where History Meets Technology

The region of the Hudson Valley is rich with compleimentary themes existing in a perfect juxtaposition, creating a very unique community.  This is the area where the Catskill Mountains meet the Hudson River.   The valley embraces the small town values where “everybody knows your name”, yet is a perfect microcosm for many of the challenges and difficulties that not only face the big cites, but the country overall.  This is a community founded in some of America’s oldest history, yet one that often fully embraces new media and emerging technology. Fundamentally connected to New York City while retaining a distinctly rural identity, it’s the perfect place to explore the State of Now!

The #140Conf; Hudson Valley Style

Save the Date: Tuesday August 23, 2011 in Kingston New York @ Seven21 Media Center

After Jeff Pulver launched the first #140 Character Conference in 2009, numerous #140Confs  have been held around the world. Providing a platform for the worldwide online community to listen, connect, share and engage with each other, attendees collectively explore the effects of the real-time Internet on individuals, business and society.

Since the beginnings of its existence so many people have tried to understand Twitter and other various social media networks and many have said “It’s what YOU make of it”.  This is the opportunity for the residents of the Hudson Valley (and beyond) to share in real life, in real time, what social media means to YOU!   Be prepared for “hugs, not handshakes”; ample learning and great creative energy!

Join us for the Hudson Valley’s State of Now!

Do you have a story on how Social media has affected you, your business, local government, community, education, economy, news, relationships, non-profit, or arts? Share your perspective, your experiences about how the emerging real-time Internet is affecting life: more about speaker’s proposals for the 140ConfHV here.

“This event is part of the #140conf LOCAL series, produced under license from 140 Characters Conference Events, Inc.”